Tansy Moore Captures Unique Beauty of Insects Through Her Watercolor Paintings

When Tansy Moore embarked on her artistic journey, she always knew she would explore flora and fauna through her paintings—but she ended up focusing on an unexpected subject. Moore’s watercolor paintings pay homage to nature as a whole, but insects definitely hold a special place in her heart.

Moore is a talented artist based in Norfolk, England, who started painting in 2018. She’s completely self-taught and using the power of social media to share her body of work in the work, after using the free time she had on her hands during the pandemic to hone her skills.

Moore’s childhood in Southern Ireland was the reason why she fell in love with wildlife, and her paintings usually put animals front and center – including insects.

“I’m fascinated by the naturally bright colors in nature, especially drawn to the symmetry, smooth textures, and wings of insects. The seasons here in the UK inspire what I feel like painting throughout the year, though I paint wildlife from all around the world,” she explains on her website.

We’ve seen Moore capture the unique beauty of many insect species since the start of her artistic journey. Butterflies are definitely her favorite subject, but we’ve also seen her pay homage to beetles, flower chafers, moths, and cicadas, in addition to many other animals.