Teen Adopts a Baby Donkey and Now They Do Everything Together

Payton Dankworth, a high school student from Texas, found herself in a really interesting situation recently. She became an adoptive “mom” to an adorable baby donkey named Jack.

Several weeks ago Payton received a phone call from one of her friends who told her that there is a baby donkey that has been rejected by his mom and asked whether she could take care of him. The teenager took the poor animal in and took care of him as he was in really bad shape.

As time passed, the baby donkey now named Jack got accustomed to his surroundings and new family and is happier than ever. He also made friends with other animals and enjoys his new life.

“He became really playful and now loves playing with my dogs.” – Payton told Bored Panda. “Right now he sleeps inside with me since he’s still so little and I give him a bottle about every two hours and then take him outside to use the bathroom. Jack also will not go to sleep unless my dog is with him. He will cry all night instead.”

In order to share their unique story and introduce Jack to others, Payton decided to make an Instagram profile for him where she shares cute photos and videos of this playful donkey. Check out some of them below.