The “Chicken Thoughts” Comics Will Make Fall in Love With Parrots

We are all familiar with saying “dogs are man’s best friend”. However, some people have found their other half in other animals. Such is the case with twenty-five-year-old Texas-based Sarah, who can’t imagine life without her two-winged friends, Chicken and Blue Boy. After wanting to share the silly everyday life of her pets, she came up with the idea to start a comic series called Chicken Thoughts.

She is amazed by both the intelligence and illogicality of her birds. All of her illustrations are inspired by true events made by both Chicken and Blue Boy, as well as her follower’s pets.

“One thing that makes the series special is I draw comics about some of my readers’ birds too, and have them on as guest stars! People will tell me a little bit about their birds, and I come up with comics about them, drawn in my googly-eye style,” the artist shared to Bored Panda, adding that her followers really love her artwork.

Sarah currently has over 193,000 admirers on her Instagram page. To read some of Sarah’s comics, check out the gallery below. We picked our favorites. Which one did you like the most?