The Fluff is Strong With Mocha the Pom

When it comes to household pets, Pomeranians take the cake. Small, fluffy, and feisty, their huge smiles and bug-like eyes, make them the ideal pet. Case in point: Mocha. The black and tan pom has won his owner’s heart, but ours as well.

With millions of fans online (with accounts on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok), this tiny pooch is quickly gaining celebrity status. What Mocha lacks in size, she makes for in attitude. Her viral videos see her running around and having a blast.

In an interview with Hello Bark, Mocha’s owner shared some know-how about the breed. β€œThey do need a lot of grooming,” she explained. β€œSo I always make time (even if it is just for 10 minutes) just to brush her fur so she doesn’t get any knots. You would be surprised how easily and quickly their coats can get knotted.”

β€œI’m a first time dog owner as well and there is nothing that I can say about going against it,” she added. β€œI also recommend any first time Pomeranian owners to get them used to being groomed and brushed due to their long coat, they need regular grooming.”