The Heartwarming Story About a Four-Year-Old Girl And Her Two Cats

Kissykabu And Piper Too is an Instagram account that follows the adventures of two cats named Kissykaby and Piper, and their four-year-old sister E. According to their mom, the trio is learning how to be best friends.

“It was really important to me that she learn respect,” the girl’s mother shared on The Dodo. “That she wants to be around animals and I love when she showed an interest on her own.”

Cats are following E everywhere, even when she is taking a bath, they are there, babysitting.

“This girl [Piper] is getting braver and braver where water is concerned! Contemplating jumping into the tub with E! Eventually I think she will do it! She will get into the shower with us if she is given the chance. Such a silly girl! And I love that she wants to be near E so much that she’s risking submersion,” the mom wrote in an Instagram post.

If you are curious to see more of their adorable faces, check out their Instagram account below.