The Life of a Mouse Who Was Rescued From a Cat’s Mouth

It’s hard to think about mice as anything other than those pests that invade our house. If we are lucky, our cats will catch them for us and bring them to us in their mouths. This is definitely not a pretty sight.

Photographer Hannah Assil managed to change our opinions on mice by showing us the other side of the story. She took beautiful pictures of a mouse, she calls Fridolin, after he barely survived a cat’s attack.

“Before he was even able to open his eyes, he and his mother found themselves in the mouth of a cat. While his beloved Mum did not survive the attack, the little guy got dropped by the cat and landed on the floor. Fortunately, a kid witnessed what happened and rescued Fridolin” Assil said to Bored Panda.

Fridolin was later rescued and adopted by a family and he’s living a happy life. Assil met with the mouse two times and captured these beautiful pictures of Fridolin smelling flowers.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a little mouse is something else, isn’t it?