The Magical World of Marcel Van Luit’s Imagination

Marcel van Luit is a contemporary artist who creates unbelievably beautiful and surreal worlds using only an editing application and his imagination. He’s blending real photos with magical environments to create his own worlds and to express his thoughts in the most creative and unique way.

His artwork is mostly inspired by love, dreams, and family, but also the beauties of the world, nature and animals. That’s why most of his creations feature children and animals such as monkeys, lions, giraffes, and elephants. You’ll have to take some time to understand the deep meanings of his fantasy worlds and that’s exactly what makes his art so special.

“I transform my dreams in to pieces of art. My biggest inspiration is my own imagination and my children. I love to mix illusion with reality to create completely new worlds,” the artist wrote on his website.

“When you use your imagination, anything is possible. I love to play with darkness and light. I believe they go hand in hand.”

Check out his art in the photos below.