The Most Popular Pet on the Planet is Not a Dog or a Cat

When you think of pets, which animal first comes to mind? Chances are you’re thinking about cats and dogs, but they’re not the most popular pets on the planet! In fact, the most popular pet in the world is a fish!

This comes from the 2017 statistics published on Pet Secure. The data also tells us that the most pet fishes live in the USA. 60 million homes have one or more of them! France is second, with 38 million households, followed by Brazil with 25 million households.

Even the second most popular pet result is surprising—it’s birds! 200 Brazilian homes own birds, 13 million homes in Italy have them, and nine million in the USA.

The number of homes with one or more pets has been growing over the past years and is now around 44%, which is truly incredible. Some other popular choices include dogs, cats, reptiles, domestic fowl, hamsters, etc.