The Seventh Aries Mastered the Art of Preserving Insects

Once you manage to look past their scary reputation, insects are truly magnificent creatures that deserve to be admired. The British preservation artist the Seventh Aries seems to agree, and they’re giving butterflies, moths, and other insects a new life through their art.

The Seventh Aries embarked on a quest of preserving insects all the way back in 2014, and they now have hundreds of works of art under their belt. Thousands of people got introduced to this insect preservation artist on TikTok, where @theseventharies is followed by over 230,000 people and counting.

The Seventh Aries will completely change the way you look at insects because there’s something almost poetic about this artist’s creations. They put insects in beautiful gothic displays and often capture them through photos and videos, each one accompanied by the name of the insect, allowing you to learn more about their origin and story.

The Seventh Aries’ framed preserved insects are available on Etsy, where this artist made over 800 sales over the years. They usually use moths and butterflies to make their work come to life, while specimens are prepared to museum quality standards, but may contain minor flows because they hail from nature, after all.