The Side Of Transylvania You Have Never Seen Before

Alex Robciuc has spent most of his life photographing the sunrise and sunset in the beautiful region of Transylvania in Romania. He uses different techniques of photography and post-processing to emphasize the feelings and moods he feels at these places.

When you scroll through his Instagram, you will fall in love with the Transylvania’s landscape. Robviuc was inspired by a quote from English travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor: “Transylvania had been a familiar name as long as I could remember. It was the very essence and symbol of remote, leafy, half-mythical strangeness; and, on the spot, it seemed remoter still and more fraught with charms.”

Robciuc’s hard work earned him the Sony World Photography Awards 2019- National Award and the title of “Tourism Ambassador,” which he received for promoting his country of Romania.

Check out some more of his breathtaking photographs of Transylvania.