The Unbreakable Friendship Between a Dog and an Orange Cat

This is a story about a very special and unique friendship; a dog named Bubba and his best friend Rue an orange cat. Their bond began in 2016 when Bubba’s owner wanted to adopt a baby kitten.

“After weeks of applying for any baby kitten available for adoption, I finally received an email from a rescue in Brooklyn,” Bubba and Rue’s owner shared on their personal website. “They told me they had a litter of kittens that were 7 weeks old and they would be ready the following day. As hard as it was choosing only one, Rue stood out like no other and I took her home with me that day. She was the only all orange baby, almost identical coloring to Bubba. It was meant to be.”

Bubba who was also rescued as a three months old puppy adores kittens. And he was filled with joy Rue came to her new home.

“After a few hours of adjusting to her new home, Rue had no problem climbing on Bubba’s sleeping body and fell asleep herself. They instantly connected and are now inseparable,” she added. There is barely a moment when they are apart.”

Scroll down and check out their adorable friendship below.

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Puss in Boots in action right here😼 #masterkitty

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