These Adorable Felted Cat Beds Are Made From Natural Wool

Denis and Katya are Ukraine-based artists who run Meow Felt shop, an online store that offers natural wool handcrafted items for pets.

Their felting story started a few years ago when they took a kitten named Tara to their home. Katya decided to use her felting skills to create a wool bed for Tara. Even though the final product was not that durable and funnily shaped, Tara immediately occupied the bed.

“It was really touching to see the small fluffy creature peacefully sleeping in our art project,” Katya said to Bored Panda.

“We were very inspired by this and decided to keep making new cat beds not only for our cat but for any cat in the world. With each new bed, we improved our skills, quality, and designs. It became important for us to make cat beds not only functional for cats but also original and interesting for people” Katya added.

Check out some of their designs below.