These Cats Have Hats Made From Their Own Fur

What’s it about the internet and its fascination with cats? It’s as if people can’t get enough of them, right?

Well, one look at a cat and you’ll see exactly why.

From their adorable sleepy faces to their innate childlike curiosity where you find them exploring just about everywhere and anything and getting stuck in places where they have no business getting into, cats make for some of the most entertaining pets around.

They are especially cute when you try to put clothes on them.

Case in point, this trio of cats named Nyaa, Mugi, and Mar, who thanks to creative owners, Ryo Yamazaki and his wife, boast an extensive collection of fur hats made from the fur they shed and leave all around their house.

From Trump’s hair to a Viking helmet, these pet owner’s creativity knows no bound, and the cuteness of their pets has no limits.

Be sure to scroll down below to see exactly what we mean.