These Curly-Haired Horses Are Magical!

We know your first question is: “How can a horse have curly hair?” but it’s not a click-bait, we promise. Although most horses have straight, smooth and silky hair, there is one breed of horse that is a bit different: North American Curly Horse.

Curly Horses are recognizable for the distinctive locks on their coat which can make wary in size and “curliness.” Some horses can develop minimal curly hair while others can have their entire body covered in curls.

“The coat is curly only in winter, shedding out beautiful and sleek for summer. Some have long thick, soft curls, others of the breed grow tight, woolly curls,”  says Betsy Lirakis, who runs a therapeutic riding program which exclusively uses curly horses.

“There are some with a velvety Marcel Wave, and some are born with plain smooth coats that resemble any other breed of horse,” she adds. “But the ‘smooth’ coated curlies are still nonallergenic.”

Besides their magical appearance, they are also known for their calm and intelligent personality and the fact that they are friendly around humans.

Now let’s check out some of the photos of Curly Horse below and enjoy their beauty.