These Dogs Have No Chill When it Comes to Playing Fetch

Dogs absolutely enjoy fetch and want to chase the ball all the time. And when their owners deny them that, they can have pretty funny reactions.

TikTok user Angie Bergan recently shared a clip on social media that was recorded during an indoor fetch session with her two German Shorthaired Pointers, Marley and Hank. At one point, Bergan decided to hold the ball a while longer, something her puppers were not particularly pleased about.

Hank went with the type of reaction you could expect from a dog, jumping around, barking, and being restless. Marley, on the other hand, took it much more personally. The dog can be frozen in place while treating Bergan with a piercing side-eye.

“Marley doesn’t mess around when it comes to playing ball,” Bergan wrote in the caption of the video, which got 3.6 million views since being posted in early December.

Social media users were quite entertained by the video and Marley’s “no chill” approach to playing fetch.

“He’s trying to see it coming and going simultaneously,” @ricacalypso wrote in the comments.

“That’s how my mom used to look at me when I was being bad at church,” @lerenee88 added.