These Funny Comics Show What it’s Really like Living With a Cat

While cats can be awesome companions; living with a cat can be quite challenging. Artist Cody Stone Stowe illustrates his experience with his feline friend Coral.

Stowe adopted Coral in 2016 after he was living alone and decided that he wanted a pet to keep him company. He quickly realized that having a cat can sometimes be a true roller-coaster.

Stowe decided to share his adventures and funny situations with Coral and Coral soon became the star of this comics.

“I never knew that cats had such a sarcastic personality on ’em. They have so many looks that reflect human ones that I get quite the kick out of seeing on a cat. Slow glazed blink. Eye rolls. Side eye. There was so much there, and from that, so much to draw from.” – he told Bored Panda.

The comics quickly gained traction and became quite popular among social media users. This prompted Stowe to quit his day job and focus solely on this project.

“Even though I’ve had her for three years now, there are always new surprises every week from her and I look forward to many more years of surprises” – the artist added.

Check out some of his hilarious and quite relatable comics below.