These German Shepherds Raised Baby Chicks Together

The times when different animals could hardly coexist in the same home are long gone, as we’ve seen so many adorable buddies loving each other despite their differences. We have another story that is going to melt your heart and it’s about German Shepherds who are taking care of baby chicks.

Adorable German Shepherds called Chewie and Jax are already Instagram celebrities thanks to their loving and caring nature. Their owners have been documenting how Chewie and Jax have been raising a bunch of baby chickens and taking care of the chickens every day. The dogs and baby chicks are inseparable – they play and nap together and have become best buddies.

You might think that this breed would have the urge to harm the chicks, but this lovely duo has shown us that this is far from the truth.

“Jax is truly the most gentle dog! I looked over today and saw all the chicks all over Jaxs paws, I started recording it but it wasn’t until I got closer I realised Jax had his bone from this morning and was letting the chickens share it. Just Amazing!,” their owner wrote on Instagram.

Take a look at the adorable photos and videos below.