These Otters Are Sliding in the Snow and Living Their Best Life

Blizzards that hit the United States in recent weeks have caused quite a lot of trouble for Americans. But it turns out the heavy snow didn’t trouble all of its residents—some of them were quite happy about it.

Seattle native Cassie Wistrom recently captured an amusing video that shows a group of otters playing in the snow and living their best life. The otters climbed on the snow-covered dock of Lake Washington and proceeded to enjoy a round of slip and slide. Then, after having enough, they retreated to the water.

The otters shown in the video are most likely North American river otters, which can be found in lakes, rivers, and ponds across the country. They are sometimes confused with sea otters, who are bigger and have long fur.

Unlike some other animals, otters don’t mind the cold and can sustain low temperatures. They have two layers of fur, but this isn’t the only thing that helps them keep warm. Their frequent meals and diet rich in calories play a big part in their body’s ability to generate heat. This explains why the group of otters from Lake Washington didn’t even flinch when they were sliding across the snow. They loved it!