These Tiny Felt Cats Are So Adorable, You Won’t Believe They’re Not Real

We would all love to have our cats around all the time. Take them to work, on travels, and grocery shopping. Unfortunately, that is not always an option. This is one of the reasons why we appreciate the works of Japanese artist Mebaru so much.

Mebaru creates the most adorable tiny felt cats that you can take anywhere with you. They fit in the pocket, and you can always take them out when you feel nostalgic about the beloved pet that is waiting for you at home.

Felt felines crafted by Mebaru are not just special because of their size or cute effect. The artist pays a lot of attention to the details, recreating facial features and body parts almost to perfection. Also, her pieces have an added wow factor because they are not just “standing” still.

Mebaru makes her tiny felt cats in all sorts of poses. They are curled up, lying on their back, licking their paws, and doing everything that your usual cat would do.

Thanks to her cute products, Mebaru managed to attract an impressive following on Instagram, with more than 100K followers enjoying her felt cat creations. Continue scrolling to check out more of them.