Things You Didn’t Know About the Norwegian Lundehund Dog

Image via noah.norwegianpuffindog/Instagram

Norwegian Ludenhund is the only dog breed that has six toes. If that’s not fascinating enough, here are some more fun facts about this unusual breed.

  • They are unique in the dog world for having six toes.
  • They can close their ears completely for protection.
  • They are born pretty flexible, so they can bend their heads backward and touch the spine.
  • Their name comes from the Norwegian word for puffin, also known as sea parrot. That’s because these dogs were originally the puffin hunters.
  • When fishermen and farmers started catching puffins with nets, the government raised taxes on Ludenhunds and they were nearly extinct.
  • Luckily, a number of purebred Ludenhunds survived on the remote islands. Thanks to those rare islanders, the breed survived.
  • Eleanor Christie, an English Setter dog breeder learned about the Ludenhunds and her efforts basically saved them.