This Account Promotes Edible Insects as Part of Your Diet

Brooklyn Bugs’ mission is to raise awareness and appreciation for edible insects through their creative programs. Their goal is to promote edible insects as a sustainable source of protein that can be found in your pantry, eaten as a snack, and beautifully prepared by chefs.

Joseph Yoon, chef and owner of Yummy Eats and Dinner Echo, is the executive director of Brooklyn Bugs. When artist Miru Kim asked Yoon to cook her insects, Yoon immediately got interested in edible insects.

He organized the inaugural Brooklyn Bugs Festival in 2017. Yoon discovered a 2013 report done by the Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations that stated that insects “provide food at low environmental cost, contribute positively to livelihoods, and play a fundamental role in nature,” as reported by Forbes.

According to FAO, the practice of eating insects, known as entomophagy, should be encouraged for these reasons:


Insects are naturally healthy, nutritious and rich in protein, good fats, and vitamins. In some countries and regions, insects are traditionally part of their diets.


Edible insects emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases than most livestock. They are also very efficient at converting feed into protein.