This Adopted Cat Looks Exactly Like Steve Buscemi

Seeing celebrity doppelgängers is largely common in today’s world of social media, and you’ll often come across people who resemble famous actors or singers. But animals that look like celebrities definitely isn’t something you see every day. This is why Marla Hooch is really one special cat as she looks exactly like the actor Steve Buscemi.

Being dropped at an animal shelter when she was just two days old, Marla spent two years struggling to find someone to take her home due to her unusual appearance. Her luck changed when Jen Chavez visited the animal shelter, wanting to rescue another kitty after her pet cat Estabon died.

“I knew I wanted to recuse another cat after the loss.” – Jen tells Bored Panda. “I went to our local no-kill shelter and was walking around. I spotted Marla’s little strange face peeking out of a cat tower. I was a bit shocked by her appearance but needed to know more.”

Jen immediately felt connected to the unusual cat and knew she wanted to take her home. This is when she realized Marla reminds her of someone.

“[The shelter employees] let me know there was a meme floating around that compared her to Steve Buscemi and I thought it was hilarious.” – she explained.

Proud of her new pet, Jen decided to set up a social media profile for Marla. She hopes that her story will encourage others to adopt pets that spend a long time in animal shelters and might not be the prettiest ones.

“They just might change your life,” – Jen added.

Check out some of Marla’s photos below.