This Adorable Cat With Two Tone Eyes is Taking Over Instagram

The time has come to meet the newest Instagram sensation – an adorable white cat named Olive that will make your heart melt in a matter of seconds. What makes this cute feline so special are her strikingly beautiful eyes that are split between two different colors – blue and yellow.

The interesting and rare condition that sweet Olive has is known as sectoral heterochromia. It means that the iris of a single eye contains two colors, so both Olive’s eyes are part yellow and part blue. If you take a look at the pictures, you’ll see that she looks mesmerizing.

Ever since she got her own Instagram page in June 2017, this unique alabaster cat has been hypnotizing people from all over the world with her captivating eyes. Olive has more than 13 thousand followers at the moment.

This sweet cat also has three other siblings – two sisters named Fifi and Skyla and a brother named Charlie. They’re all unique and adorable, so make sure to check out their page.