This Adorable Husky Squad Will Brighten Up Your Day

Tidus, Yuna, and Kimahri, better known as the Husky Squad on Instagram, are three gorgeous Siberian Huskies who love exploring the world with their owners JC and Victoria. The couple adopted all three of them from the shelter and gave them a chance for a better life.

JC and Victoria also created an Instagram account to share all the adorable pictures of their pets, but also to educate people about the responsibilities that come with owning a dog, especially three big dogs like Siberian Huskies.

“Tidus is the sweetest and mellowest boy we know. At home, he’s super relaxed, and loves his food and cuddles…Yuna has a very regal and stoic personality. She’s incredibly intelligent, and gentle while remaining very firm in her ways… Kimahri is the spark in our pack. Although it’s been 7 years since we rescued her, she has never matured,” the owners described the Huskies in an interview with Hello Bark.

JC and Victoria spend a lot of time in nature because they both love hiking, and these three fur balls are happy to follow them everywhere they go. They’re an endless source of love and they make very loyal companions.

Check out their Instagram page to see the photos from their adventures.