This Alpaca Farm in Germany Provides Has Activities Children and Adults Will Love

Located near the German town Saalfeld, Alpakas vom Roten Berg provides a home to nine adorable alpacas. Cute images of Hades, Oskar, Hector, Black Pearl, Rosi, Sampras, Hardes, Pepe, and Penelope beautify their Instagram page, and although they do not have a huge following, we are sure that their silly faces will make your day.

The alpaca farm project started back in spring 2019 when Hadessa, Penelope, and Black Pearl arrived. Last year, they introduced several novelties to their customers like animal-assisted activities such as guided hikes, children’s birthdays, alpaca shootings, educational projects for kindergartens and schools, and animal-assisted support for people with special needs.

“I have not regretted this decision, and I am incredibly grateful for the family support and the unique opportunity to work with these great animals,” the owner of Alpakas vom Roten Berg wrote on their website.

If you are fond of these adorable mammals, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for more cute photographs. Which alpaca is your favorite? We can’t decide—we like all nine of them!