This Animal Clinic Has A Nice and Naughty Cat of the Week

When they are nice, cats can be the nicest beings you’ve ever seen. However, they can also be the naughtiest when they choose to take that path. It is something that staff at the cat rescue and animal clinic Heaven on Earth witnesses on a daily basis, which is why they decided to have some fun with that.

Each week, the Los Angeles-based non-profit pick the cat that has been the nicest that week and the cat that has been the naughtiest. They then display their photos on a big board alongside the arguments for why they received their respective honors.

For example, the most recent honorees were Lumin as the Nice Cat of the Week and Bow as the Naughty Cat of the Week.

Lumin earned its spot for displaying “impressive leash skills” and being a good girl while the Heaven on Earth staff clipped her nails.

Bow, on the other hand, has been aggressive towards senior cats while they were trying to eat. “Food aggression at its finest,” as the board puts it.

The Nice and Naughty Cat of the Week board has been hanging in the clinic for a while, and it resulted in some real gems. Check out more of them below.