This Artist is Painting Captivating Animal Portraits

Jennifer Gennari is an American painter and a big animal lover who specializes in painting beautiful animal portraits. She started painting animals five years ago after she got bored with painting humans and the first animals on her canvas were hairless cats.

“Jennifer has been painting animals since 2014 and is driven by a deeply rooted passion to elevate and legitimize the life we have with them. Her work is the definition of Labor of Love,” her website states.

Her talent soon gained a lot of attention and Jennifer started receiving a lot of commissions. This naturally led her to continue with her work, and today the artist says that she absolutely enjoys working with animals. Jennifer says she loves painting their portraits on canvas, but she’s also doing her best to capture their personality.

Gennari has an undergraduate degree in art from the College of Art and Design in Florida and she also studied in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art. She has exhibited her artwork in many countries around the world and received several awards for her work.

Check out her adorable paintings in the photos below.