This Australian Shepherd is the Best Traveling Companion

An Australian Shepherd living in Austria is something you might never have expected to see. These intelligent and energetic dogs are known for their strong work ethic and love of activity, which can make them a perfect fit for the outdoor lifestyle that is common in Austria, just like this traveling pair.

They are known for their intelligence, trainability, and athleticism, which make them popular choices for a variety of roles, including working as guide dogs, therapy dogs, or even as a performer in dog sports.

In Austria, Australian Shepherds can thrive in a variety of settings, including urban environments and rural areas. They are well-suited to the country’s beautiful landscape, with its rolling hills, forests, and mountains, which provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and exploration.

One such couple is Nala and Stephi who has been passionate about travel and indoor activities. The adorable duo has visited many countries in Europe, from Portugal and its sunny beaches to the snowy Alps.

They are currently skiing in Obertauern a winter sports resort where Nala has the opportunity to show off her skiing skills. To be honest, she is better than some people.

Scroll down and check out Nala’s beautiful face below.