This Awesome Company Adopted Two Stray Kittens to Boost Office Morale and Named Them Debit and Credit

One transportation company based in Ohio is quickly establishing itself as the perfect employer for every animal lover. The company recently decided to adopt two stray kittens in order to boost the office morale of their finance and IT department and as you may guess it, succeeded amazingly.

The two cats, named Debit and Credit, were first introduced to the outside world by one of the employees of the company who decided to share an adorable video of kittens wrestling with a box.

According to the person who posted the video, the kittens stay in the offices in the evening “with a very sweet setup,” while they are visited over the weekends for “snuggling and playing.”

Debit and Credit quickly gained numerous fans on social media thanks to the video, encouraging the employees of the company to set up an Instagram account for the duo. This way, their fans can follow their office adventures and enjoy cuteness overload.

Check out some of their adorable photos and videos below.