This Baby Duck Was Raised By An Owl

Earlier this month, artist and photographer Laurie Wolf found a rather unusual scene in her backyard in Jupiter, Florida. In one of the birdhouses that she and her family have put together, Laurie found an owl and a baby duck living together.

“Seeing the owl with the duckling was honestly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s still hard to believe,” Wolf told Bored Panda.

One month before this happened, Laure remembers seeing a mother wood duck moving her egg from one of the boxes to another box.

“We believe that the duck moved the egg because that nest had been raided – there were eggshells at the bottom of the pine tree where the box is. A day or so after we saw that a screech owl moved into that box.”

Laurie said the owl was in the box with the baby duck for a whole month and she probably hatched the duck egg.

Owls are known as natural predators, so Laurie decided to contact a bird expert to see if the baby duck was safe. Apparently, wood ducks have been recorded living with owls, although it doesn’t happen that often.