This Baby Possum Was Found Clinging to a Dog’s Back

What would your initial reaction be if you found a baby possum clinging to your dog’s back? Fear? Despair? Panic? It’s understandable if you reacted in any one of those said ways. After all, you never know what could be clinging to your dog’s back.

Sometimes though, finding something clinging behind your dog doesn’t make for a dreadful moment — it makes for a wholesome one.

Sally Watkinson recently detailed on Facebook how she found a baby Australian ringtail possum pulling on her dog’s back as it clung for its very life. This made for an incredibly cute and wholesome moment, which, to no one’s surprise, became viral as soon as photos of the incident went up online.

What’s even more amazing about what happened to Sally is that this didn’t just happen once, it happened twice!

For some reason, Sally and her dog seem to attract possums.

As for the ending to the story, it was happy for everybody. Sally’s partner, John, looked for wildlife rescue organizations to take in the possums that they found. Meanwhile, they took her dogs to the vet, presumably to be checked if they contracted anything from being in close contact with wild animals.