This Barista Makes Remarkable Bird Latte Art

Coffee, the favorite beverage of many of us. From the first sip, the caffeine brings a smile onto our face and makes our mornings more tolerable. It’s always an added bonus if there is cute latte art.

Ku-san is obsessed with caffeine and birds. She is a barista who instead of drawing flowers, ferns, and hearts, draws bird-themed latte art. Also known as Kunit92 on social media, the Japanese artist draws her favorite creatures, birds, and her inspiration for her artwork is her parrot named Sakura. Ku-san creates stylized portraits of cockatiels, sparrows, and parrots in milky coffee beverages.

She shares her artwork on her Instagram account where she has attracted almost 3.5 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at her creations below. Would you like your coffee to have such spectacular art?