This Bulldog Can’t Live Without His Bowls

At first, you might think that Theo is an ordinary bulldog. Yes, he’s a sweet little guy, but he has a very strange obsession; he’s oddly fascinated with bowls.

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Operation ThunderBowl was a success. #bowldog

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“He sleeps with them. He plays with them. He chews on them. He does everything with them. He takes the bowls everywhere. He takes them outside. He takes them throughout the house and they get pretty nasty,” his owner told The Dodo.

However, the true drama begins when the bowls have to be washed.

“Whenever we have to wash his bowls, we put them up,” Theo’s dad continued. “He sees us put the bowls in the dishwasher. Then he gets really concerned and the OCD kicks in that he’s not going to get his bowls back. We were unloading the dished and he saw them or heard them in there clanging. So he climbed up and just wanted to make sure his bowls were OK.”

Theo is very protective of his bowls his owner thinks that they provide him with some kind of comfort.

“It’s almost like a pacifier. Like a security blanket,” he added. “I think he feels comfortable whenever he has one.”

Check out Theo and his bowls below.

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Resting up for the 9pm bowl slam fest. #bowldog

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