This Cat Comforts Dog With Anxiety

It’s scientifically proven that cats lower the stress and anxiety, while petting them has a positive calming effect. They are good companions if your head wants to explode. One tabby decided he would help his fur buddy to reduce its stress. Check out the story below!

In 2014 Brenna Eckert adopted a puppy named Joule who, from the start, was dealing with anxiety and was unable to stay without his owner. Later, the family added another furry member to the family, a ginger feline who they called Kelvin, who turned out to be Joule’s soulmate. Believe it or not, their names before the adoption were Sandal and Socks!

One day, while Eckert was checking the footage from the security cameras she had previously installed in her house, and she was blown away with what she saw. Kelvin, snuggled and comforted Joule for the entire day. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

Check out their adorable friendship in the gallery below.