This Cat Has David Bowie’s Eyes

If you love David Bowie’s music and everything else related to him, you definitely need to check out this adorable cat born with heterochromia, a condition where a person or animal has different colored eyes.

Back in 2018 a beautiful, white cat was found abandoned wandering the streets of Spain when it was found and rescued by a vet clinic. Soon his personality blossomed and he was marked as a good eater and a very, very playful kitten waiting for his forever home. But when Maria Lloret, his soon to be proud cat mum, saw him, she fell for him immediately.

“With those eyes his name could not have been other than Bowie. And that was the beginning,” Lloret shared on Bowie’s personal website. “The only purpose of Bowie The Cat is to bring happiness to all cat (or Bowie) lovers, sharing his adventures,” she said and invites you to follow their adventures.

Scroll down and check out Bowie’s adorable face below.