This Cat Loves Being Brushed with a Vacuum Cleaner

Cats can be weird creatures, as anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows very well. They have some quirks that are typical for most members of the species; for example, the vast majority of cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners. Well, that’s not the case with this black beauty from Istanbul, Turkey.

A‌ hilarious video of an owner vacuum cleaning his cat appeared on ViralHog’s Youtube channel. The guy who submitted the video wrote a message, “My cat is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, I can even say he loves it. I always clean him like this.” In less than two weeks, the video has been viewed nearly 30,000 times on Youtube only!

Click play below to see the relaxing video of a black cat being cleaned by a vacuum cleaner and enjoying it so much he doesn’t want his owner to stop!‌ He looks completely relaxed, like he’s figured out the secret to living the perfect cat life where a vacuum cleaner is a friend, not an enemy.