This Cat Loves Swimming in the Ocean With His Human Dad

It’s known that cats usually don’t like water, however, there is always an exception. And Gracie is one of the special ones. Also known as graciegoesadventuring on Instagram, the adorable little feline loves swimming in the ocean with her human dad.

“She just followed me right out to the water,” Mike Usher shared with The Dodo. “I found early on that she just…She always kind of wanted to be around me, wherever I was, whatever I was doing.”

When Usher brings her out of the water, she goes right to her towel, and she has a quick shower, which she doesn’t mind having at all.

“I have a bottled water that I let sit in the sun for a little bit so it warms up,” Usher added. “I give her a bath. Basically she stops anything that she’s doing and just relaxes.”

The adorable couple found each other at Usher uncle’s house. Gracie was hiding in a little wall that was covered with vines, and she was tucked underneath it.

“Yeah, when she came into my life, that was it. I was sold. I was 100% like, ’That’s my cat. It’s over. I’m a cat dad now.’”

Scroll down and check out Gracie below.