This Cat Plays With the Window Cleaner

Rina Takei from London is a mom who got blessed with two beautiful cats, 4-year-old Guinness and 3-year-old Pimms. While other cats love napping, Guinness has an unusual hobby; he loves watching the window cleaner do his job.

“Unusually, Guinness can watch and play with his window cleaning friends from the living room narrow window,” Takei shared on her Instagram page. “They play together and when the man moves away, Guinness calls out and taps at the window. It’s so nice that the man comes back for one final play before he carries on with his work. Cute!”

Takei shared a couple of cute videos on her Instagram profile which immediately became popular in the internet world. Guinness and his window cleaning friends have been featured across media worldwide, and they have even been shown on Instagram’s official page!

Scroll down for the clips and follow them on Instagram for more.

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16/06/2019 Happy Sunday! ・ With a one-hour wait and Pimms and Nagi deciding to take a nap, it was just Guinness who stayed awake, and was rewarded by having the window cleaner’s full attention aimed at him. ・ And he looked like he was having fun, body fully engaged in play. ・ So much so that the noise of Guinness jumping around woke Nagi up. At the end, the window cleaners said hello to him again, pulling funny faces which Nagi seemed to take delight in, with his little feet waving energetically in the air! ・ To see the full version, please check out my YouTube channel! #愛猫ギネスと窓拭きおじさん ⑤⑧ ・ Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ・ ・ 前回の動画から1時間半後、 右側の窓へ再び現れたおじさん。 ピム丸と凪くんはお昼寝に入り、 ギネスだけがずっと窓の側で待っていました。 その甲斐あって、 おじさんを独占出来たギネスくん。 ぽよぽよのお腹を揺らしながら、 ジャンプしまくっていました。笑 その音に昼寝中だった凪くんが起きてしまい、 最後のバイバイは凪くんも一緒に。 おじさんまたしても変顔。笑 嬉しかったのか 極太あんよでぶんぶんキックしていた。笑 ・ フルバージョンはYouTubeへアップしています。 #愛猫ギネスと窓拭きおじさん ⑤⑧ ・ よろしければ是非♬ 引き続き皆さま素敵な週末を! ・ ・ #ギネスくん #ギネピムと凪くん #6monthsold #生後6ヶ月 #babyboy #男の子ベビー #赤ちゃんのいる生活 #赤ちゃんのいる暮らし #赤ちゃんと猫

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