This Cool Puppy Will Be Your New Favorite Rock Star

They say that rock stars are not made, they are born. Well, that must be the case with this adorable puppy named Finn.

Finn is a Spaniel who probably has the coolest hair in the whole dog world. And not only that; his hair is so awesome that he could easily shame most of the human rock stars on the scene. He would only need a guitar and a mic and believe us; he would sell millions of records. But until then, the doggo will probably be ok with being a social media star.

Everything started back in 2016 when UK-native Rebecca Munday responded to an ad that looked for someone to adopt a cute little puppy. Rebecca took the puppy in and was immediately impressed with the dog’s unique-looking hair. Shortly after, she decided to create an Instagram account for him.

It didn’t take long for Finn to amass a huge following and gain fans all over the world. He now has 14K followers who can’t get enough of his slick photos and rocking hairstyle.

“A lot of people instantly want to touch his hair! We also get comments like ‘he’s a rock star, people pay good money to get hair like that,'” says Rebecca.

Check out more of Finn’s photos below.