This Dad Built a Cute Closet For His Daughter’s Fashionable Dog

When Twitter user Lily (@heyitslilyyy) and her family adopted Pluto, they noticed that something was wrong with the cute dog. He seemed to always be shivering and they weren’t sure why.

“The doctor said it was just ‘anxiety,'” Lily told The Dodo. “I realized that, since he’s so tiny, he’s probably really cold.”

To test her guess, she bought a little jacket for him to wear and true enough, the shaking stopped. It was then that Pluto’s love for clothes started. Since then, Lily bought dozens of jackets and shirts to keep the dog warm and stylish. His wardrobe grew larger and she didn’t know where to keep all his stuff.

Luckily, his dad found the solution to her problem. “He built my dog a whole closet in under two days!” Lily shared. “That was amazing to me.”

Lily wasn’t the only one who likes the closet, even Pluto loved it.

“He was excited!” “My dad is great at building stuff,” Lily shared, adding that he did it as a labor of love: “He calls Pluto his grandson.”