This Dog Can Fit Up to Six Tennis Balls in His Mouth

Finley Molloy is a 5-year-old doggo who has a hidden talent. The Canandaigua, New York-based canine can transform himself into a chipmunk. Sounds silly, right?

“Whatever he can fit in his mouth, he does! The more the merrier,” Finley’s human mom shared on The Dodo. “He will pick up so much stuff inside [his mouth] that you can’t even see his face. People will comment and say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s like Finley turned into a chipmunk!’”

His love for tennis balls became so huge that he even learned a trick to put them into his mouth by using only his paws.

“He would use his paws to kind of get them into his mouth,” she continued. “And then trot back over all happy, and then drop them. So that’s like his usual routine. If we’re ignoring him in the backyard, he’ll be on his back, holding them up in the air, dropping them into his mouth and catching them.”

If you want to see Finely’s tricks, have a look at his Instagram page.