This Dog Guards Its Tennis Balls, Like Chickens Guard Their Eggs

Dogs love balls. Big, small, round, oval, it doesn’t matter, because it’s definitely one of their favorite toys. They play with them, chew them, and usually puncture them. But one Bernese Mountain Dog likes to guard his balls, like chickens guard their eggs.

Reese The Bernese is a New York-based doggo known for his unconditional love for tennis balls.

“He’ll get all the tennis balls on the couch, picks whichever one he wants to play with, but then sits on top of the rest of them,” his human mom shared with The Dodo.

With each day, Reese is getting bigger and bigger, so his owners decided to surprise him with GIANT tennis balls.

“I knew how excited he was gonna be. He ran over to me like, ‘Oh my God. This is the coolest day of my entire life!’ I just think it’s gonna be in his top 10 favorite days of his little puppy life,” she added.

If you are curious to see more of Reese’s beautiful puppy face, check out the gallery below or have a look on Instagram where he has attracted over 7,000 followers.