This Dog Loves Singing With His Human Parents and He’s Super Talent

You are probably familiar with the scene from Disney’s The Aristocats when Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz are practicing their scales and arpeggios. Well, a Jack Russell Corgi mix named Birks also happens to be a huge fan of music.

The Korean-born dog had a rough life in his home country. He was an unhappy stray who was rescued and sent to New York City, where he was placed in a foster home. He was adopted after his new mom and dad saw a video of him singing with his foster parent, who was playing the clarinet.

Birks is named after the famous musician John Birks ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, and according to his mom Mikaela Bennett, they were so happy to find a pet who likes music as much as they do.

“We are so lucky to have him, and it’s amazing since we’re both musicians, having a dog that just appreciates music as much as we do – I think it is amazing. We are happy to have him,” she said to The Dodo.

For more of the adorable Birks check out the photos and videos below. They’re just so cute!