This Dog Loves to Jump All the Time

Image by @endothejumpingdog / Instagram

Endo is a black Labrador retriever who’s always energetic and happy. He loves to jump all the time even when it’s time to visit a vet clinic, where most dogs feared about.

Recently, owner Martha Tissot van Patot brought the dog to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital after a foxtail plant got stuck in his ear. As his mom was trying to talk to the receptionist, Endo kept on bouncing, trying to be involved in the discussion.

The people at the clinic were amazed at his joyful personality. “He’s always in good spirits,” Tissot van Patot told the Coloradoan.

Someone has captured the hilarious moment and shared it on Facebook pages. The video garnered a combined 300k views just days after it was posted.

Tissot van Patot said that Endo’s ecstatic behaviour at the vet was not a rare thing. “Yes, he does the bounce all the time,” she told The Dodo. For Endo, any activity is an opportunity to leap for joy. “Coming home, leaving, feeding time, mountain biking, ball playing, swimming, skiing,” Tissot van Patot shared. “Yep, all the time!”