This Dog Needs a High Chair to Live a Healthy Life

If you saw a picture of a dog sitting in a feeding chair, you might think the dog was spoiled. However, the truth behind the photo is usually sad.

Two small daschunds, Doris and Cinders, also sit up when they eat. But this isn’t because they’re mommy’s favorites, but rather because they suffer from an eating disorder called megaesophagus. Besides eating properly, the doggies are unable to do other ordinary things as well.

“Barking can make them regurgitate, they can’t have direct fluid, and I have to sleep with Doris on pillows and sit up all night. Any regurgitation can cause pneumonia,” the owner Sarah Bache told Metro UK.

Doris’ condition is the worst. She has to use the so-called Bailey chair and eat only bland home-cooked food made of steak mince, broccoli, and ground-up kibble. She also needs to take medicine to relax her body, so the food could move easier in her stomach.

“I hold Doris up for three hours a day, and Cinders can eat a raw diet in her chair, so I have her upright for 45 minutes in total a day,” Bache said.

The dog owner shares images of the adorable puppies on their Facebook page titled Doris, Cinders & River the Megasausages, where she posts images and updates about her babies.