This Dog Still “Babysits” a Calf Even Though He’s Bigger Now

Image by @totes.the.goat / Instagram

A calf named Calvin was rescued from a dairy farm where his life was in danger. Some people at the farm wanted to make sure Calvin had a future so the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary decided to stepped in and gave him a loving home.

Calvin was very excited for the first time when he was brought to the fields of the sanctuary last July. “”He never got to go outdoors or stretch his legs and just run!” Megan Mostacci, cofounder of the sanctuary, told The Dodo at the time. “You can see how much he loves running.”

Lincoln, the Australian shepherd of the sanctuary has been a companion of the baby cow ever since he arrived.  The loyal dog takes his brotherly duties seriously like he was always on guard when Calvin was running around and exploring the sanctuary. He has hardly left the calf’s side even during its nap time.

The loving dog seemed to be very devoted to Calvin and the baby cow doesn’t mind at all as he had been taken from his mom at such a young age. After six months, Calvin is now bigger and the two buddies have stronger bond and Lincoln still treats his little brother as the baby cow he once was. “Six months later and Lincoln still thinks he needs to watch over Calvin,” Mostacci shared.