This Fancy Cat Refuses Wet Food if it Doesn’t Come with a Side of Salad

We are all accustomed to cats being picky about their food from time to time. However, one cat named Shaggy took that pickiness to a whole other level. 

In a viral video posted on TikTok, Shaggy’s owner shared how the feline refuses to eat wet food if it doesn’t come with a side of salad. The clip, which has more than eight million views, shows Shaggy switching between a bowl of wet food and a plate of salad.

“My cat has started to refuse to eat his wet food unless it comes with a side of salad. I have no idea how we got to this point,” Shaggy’s owner wrote in the video.

A lot of TikTok users were amused with Shaggy’s fancy dining requirements, although some of them suggested that his preference for a plate of salad could be a sign of “whisker fatigue.”

Whisker fatigue is a term that veterinarians use to describe the “sensory overload” that affects cats when their whiskers repeatedly touch some surface and become sensitive. This often happens when cats eat out of a bowl, and their whiskers constantly touch the sides.

TikTokers recommended to Shaggy’s owner that they switch his wet food to a plate in order to see whether that changes anything. However, judging by a follow-up video, the cat doesn’t have whisker fatigue and simply loves salad too much.