This Farm Offers Yoga Classes With Fluffy Alpacas

Rosebud Alpacas is a farm located in South Molton, Devon, England, that offers one-of-a-kind experience – yoga classes in a field fill of alpacas. Maybe there’s no need to mention this is the first place in Britain to offer this unique experience.

Owners Nick and Lucy Aylett say that taking yoga classes surrounded by their fluffy alpacas is “great for mind, body, and soul”.

“I just know from being around alpacas that their calming presence reduces stress. They like you to be calm around them so naturally, you drop your energy levels and relax,” Lucy from Devon’s Rosebud Ranch told for „Country Living“. “During alpaca yoga, the alpacas are inquisitive but also relaxed so it appears to be beneficial to all involved.”

But this is not the only activity this great place has to offer. Visitors can also take part in alpaca walking, alpaca picnics, alpaca art sessions and even “alpaca connection”, which is a form of meditation