This Funny Video Shows the Reality of Sharing a Bed With Two Huskies

A recent survey by American Pet Products Association showed that almost half of pet owners in the United States share a bed with their pets. This isn’t all that surprising since many people claim that the presence of pets helps them have better sleep. But as a recent viral video on TikTok shows, this practice comes with unique challenges.

A TikTok profile @thehuskyfam recently shared a funny video that shows what it’s like to share a bed with two huskies. Recorded by a night camera, the clip features a timelapse of a couple sleeping with their pets curled under their feet. The dogs are seen taking up a big portion of the bed throughout the night, moving around, and even going for a walk.

“We had no idea how much they hog the bed!” the voiceover in the video explains.

The video proved to be quite popular and attracted hundreds of comments from other TikTok users. Some shared their own experiences about sleeping with their pets, while others were entertained by how the owners and the dogs behaved. 

“I’m sending this to my husband who complains about how much space our two little yorkie poms take up on our bed at night,” wrote one user.

“I can’t figure out who moved more, you guys or the dogs,” added another.

So there you have it. If you intend to sleep with your dogs or other pets, make sure there is enough room for all of you on the bed. Or be ready to give up the majority of space to them.