This Guy Owns the Most Unique Little Turtle In the World

Aquamike is a guy who has a deep fascination for plants and animals and everything about nature.

“I’ve always been a creative guy who is passionate about animals. Putting that passion out into the universe has rewarded me in ways that I’d probably say were impossible a little over a year ago. I am very excited to be on this journey and figuring it out along with all of you. My mission is to save animals and give them all the love that I’ve got to give. I am also here to educate people about animals as well as help spread hope to everyone who could use some!” he wrote on his blog.

In 2014, he started an Instagram account for his aquatic pets and one of his pets is the most unique little turtle you can see today. He documents the cute turtle’s daily life online and his 206k Instagram followers are amazed at its remarkable features.

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